Feels great to be back in a real gym after 2 years off. Rachel is a great motivational instructor. Now to lose that baby weight and get fit again!
Charlotte Simpson, Member
I’ve been going to Mi-Gym since Summer 2013 and it’s one of the most fun Gym’s that I have ever been to. The vibe is great, the coaches know their stuff, and the people who attend the classes are great too. Like attracts like! I use the gym to help with my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, and competing in tournaments around the world. I need the strength and stamina to help me compete. When I do more strength at Mi-Gym, I have brilliant results in my competitions. Workout’s don’t feel like workout’s when there is a great team surrounding you and coaches who want to see the best in everyone. It’s FUNctional training and it definitely works!.
Jolie, Member
Gains. Gains. Gains. Mi-gym is a great place for gains. You gain muscle, you gain confidence and you gain friends, All the staff deliver their own specialised skills and encourage everyone to feel like a somebody. Using their individual varied knowledge and experience, the team work tirelessly to create an environment where high standards all round are met. At Mi-gym, the staff consistently raise the bar not only for the members but for themselves too. By doing this, they demonstrate a winning example of how to combine fitness and fun for life.
Rachel Dunn, Member
Mi gym is like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on tin-it gets you motivated-it gets you the results you are looking for-it provides fun but yet serious environment-it provides great atmosphere which makes you want to return for more. Mi-gym was recommended to me 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back…great recommendation. Not only do the PT’s motivate you but also other gym members encourage each other which creates a great atmosphere in the classes. I ran my first marathon in April this year and Mi Gym was such a great support to ensure I reached that finish line. Mi-gym assisted greatly with the appropriate training advice as well as some of the PT’s and gym Members providing me with nutrition and hydration advice which was key. I can say hand on heart it it wasn’t for Mi-Gym I would not have crossed the finish line feeling as strong as I did.
Andy Wheeler, Member
Normally I hate people who brag on about gyms and hype it up. But this gym is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. I have been going for just under a month and I have not only lost a whole lot of weight, but I have started to go from having a belly to now gaining definition and even some abs are showing! I honestly cannot recommend this place highly, you don’t join just a gym. You join a second family who look after you, help you reach and smash your goals. Rachel Young is THE best and is the reason for my progress. I couldn’t thank her enough for all her sessions she does and also for being patient with me.
Tharek Choudhury, Member
Since joining MiGym in October 2013 I have been on a rollercoaster journey of discovery, I have received incredible support and been given invaluable advice from the experienced coaches and Boss Bear AKA Rachel “Banana” Young. Due to an old injury I had to have major knee surgery in September 2014 with thanks to Mi Gym’s dedicated coaches not only have I been guided through a fantastic rehab programme from Will Wayland but I have gained in strength, technique and knowledge. It has not all been roses or an easy journey, some days I have beat myself up and got frustrated with myself and my knee but I can honestly say that with every cloud there is a silver lining “the silver lining being the friendships I have made and the support I have received from Mi Gym”. As Will Wayland once said to me “with every injury comes an opportunity!” which in my case has been completely true; I have defiantly grown as an individual throughout the last year and learnt SO much. I can’t recommend MiGym enough; it is a fun and friendly environment and caters for every ability and age range; do not be scared of making that first step and walking through the door it will be the best decision you have made. If you have existing injury’s or need a rehab program and guidance like I did then this is defiantly the place to go. MiGym also has a dedicated team of Chiropractors who are on hand to give advice, treatment and guidance which is priceless.
Suzanne Cooper, Member
Super friendly and welcoming, enthusiastic reception by Rachel and the rest of the group. The workouts are challenging, fun and can be tailored to different abilities and fitness goals. Great team spirit!
DeAnna Avis, Member





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